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Me and Yo Momma ft. DJ Snuggles


DJ Snuggles is a world-class beatbox artist and vocal percussionist known for explosive sounds & extravagant performances. He is "battle tested" as a competitor, sought-after as a collaborator, and successful as a internationally touring live performer.

The Snuggles' Origin Story
James "DJ Snuggles" Logan was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he started beatboxing when he was only 10 years old. He got his first break as a professional performer by winning the Minneapolis / St. Paul "Citywide Talent Show" at his own school, Edison High in Northeast Minneapolis. Shortly after that victory he became a fixture on the independent Hip-Hop scene where he quickly established relationships with the best and brightest up-and-coming Hip-Hop acts from the Midwest.

Battle Tested Competitor
In Snuggles' hometown of Minneapolis, competitive battles have historically been a popular way for developing Hip-Hop acts to "pay their dues" and make a name for themselves. Except that in Snuggles' case, his extraordinary gifts pushed him to the front of the line, and established him as one of the best performers of any genre in the Twin Cities. This is because when he competed in talent shows and Beatbox battles, he rarely, if ever lost. Snuggles won almost every beatbox battle he entered and quickly because a fan favorite. This was never more evident than the night he won the Minnesota State Fair's Amateur Talent Show Competition in front of 8,000 screaming fans at the Grandstand, the MN State Fairground’s largest venue, known for its history-making live music performances. In the years prior, during, and after the State Fair, he took home the championship trophy for winning the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop's Beatbox Battle (three years in a row: 2004, 2005, and 2006). After going undefeated in the Midwest for three straight years, he decided to he needed a new challenge and set out to take his battle game to the next level. In 2006, at the young age of 18, DJ Snuggles traveled
to Cincinnati, Ohio where he took his first shot at the world title and won Scribble Jam’s Beatbox Battle on his very first attempt. After defeating Tom Thumb of Australia in the final round, Snuggles was crowned World Champion and instantly became recognizable to Hip-Hop fans around the globe as one of the best beatboxers to ever touch the mic.

Sought-After Collaborator
His welcoming personality, charm, and star quality make Snuggles a sought after collaborator. In addition to being a performing artist, DJ Snuggles is also a songwriter, producer, and musician. He has worked with Grammy winning producer Rahki (Eminem/Talib Kweli/Evidence/Currensy/MI:4 Trailer) on several tracks and was also recently featured in a video game called Jam Party that was produced by Minneapolis-based video game production house ZiViX. With his versatile vocal abilities, ability to do impersonations, and skills as a voice actor, Snuggles is developing a multidisciplinary approach to establishing his career as a creative professional.

Commercially Viable Live Performer
It's difficult to convey what a DJ Snuggles performance is like to experience in person, but the word "visceral" comes close. You can get a glimpse of his work when you watch his videos on YouTube, but when it comes to Snuggles, even more so than the average performer, it is highly recommended that you see him in person. Once you do, you will immediately understand why he is so sought-after to perform alongside world-class artists. We are aware the term "world-class" sounds like a cliche, but in Snuggles' case, it is the literal truth. Snuggles has accompanied Brother Ali (Rhymesayers/Warner Bros.) on tour several times in both the continental United States as well as overseas on Ali's European tour. While traveling across Europe, fans in almost every country took out their cameras, filmed the portion of Brother Ali's set where Snuggles appeared, and then posted those clips online. You can see some of these videos (Finland, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, and more) at
When he’s not on the road, Snuggles keeps busy by performing at national conferences (PeaceJam, NYLC, etc), youth events (youthrive: LIVE!), making appearances at corporate events, and occasionally booking private parties. In addition to his aforementioned experiences with acts like Brother Ali, he has also shared the stage with well known indie stars like Atmosphere (Rhymesayers), Murs (DefJux/EMI), and Binary Star (Fat Beats), as well as international superstars Gym Class Heroes, Naughty By Nature, Clipse, Jean Grae, Cee-Lo Green (Gnalrls Barkley/Goodie Mob), MC Lyte, and Rahzel.

Accomplishments and Accolades
DJ Snuggles has accomplished much at a very young age. He earned his stellar reputation by winning over culturally diverse audiences of all ages every time he sets foot on stage. He has received critical accolades and acknowledgement from his hometown legends, including the one and only Prince, Atmosphere (Slug & ANT), Brother Ali, Doomtree, and Toki Wright. Snuggles has also been featured extensively on radio and television. His Soul Tool's produced jingle for DJ Sam Soulprano became the show's theme song and aired daily on on KMOJ FM radio for over one year. Also, the Minneapolis affiliate of CBS NEWS (TV) did a feature story on Snuggles to highlight his success as an artist and for the work he does in his community.

Snuggles: Educator and Activist
Snuggles' outstanding performance reputation is rivaled only by his personal reputation. He’s a stand up member of his community who actively gives back to the same community that has supported his career every step of the way. In addition to mentoring aspiring beatbox artists, DJ Snuggles is also a founding member of youthrive:LIVE!, the production, performance, and multimedia division of a St. Paul-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called youthrive.
Through his work with youthrive, the Upper Midwest Affiliate of PeaceJam International, Snuggles has made appearances at most Minneapolis-St. Paul public schools and correctional facilities. After building up the program from a small scale local project, to a national touring initiative, he traveled with fellow youthrive: LIVE! artists Dancin' Dave and Maria Isa to headline NYLC 2010 in San Jose, California.

In Summary
DJ Snuggles has paid dues. He started his journey in the dusty underground of the Minneapolis indie Hip-Hop scene and worked his way up and out to the world at large, where he has now shared the stage with full blown rock stars.
Would you like to know the craziest part of his inspiring journey thus far? He is just getting started.

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